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- welcome to AddictionLink.

Since 1996, AddictionLink has been Finland’s most popular site dealing with substance abuse and addiction. The website is intended for substance abusers, their families and friends and all those interested in objective information on substances and addiction. The service is also useful for professionals and students working and studying in related fields.

Most people who reduce their use of intoxicating substances or stop using them altogether do so without professional help. The aim of AddictionLink is to help people make use of their own resources and to lower the threshold for seeking support and assistance.


Within AddictionLink you can read up on the latest topics within the addiction scene and test your situation with self assessment tests and self-help tools. Our Info bank contains short articles divided into six different categories: general information, alcohol, drugs, nicotine, behavioural addictions, and services.

For Foreigners!

Information for those new to Finland concerning addiction services and what treatment options are available.

AddictionLink is accessed by approximately 100 000 visitors each month. The website is provided by the A-Clinic Foundation and is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and sign language.

Popular in AddictionLink

BAC Counter

Check your blood-alcohol level with this calculator and find out how long it takes for your body to process the alcohol consumed.

Alcohol Risks (AUDIT)

The Audit test provides information on the potential risks and hazards associated with drinking.

Info Bank

Get important information about alcohol, drugs and other addictions from over 70 articles written by professionals.

Foreigner info

Foreigner info provides information on addiction services available in Finland, who are entitled to the services, and how they can be accessed.

Drugs and the brain

Drugs and the brain -animation illustrates how different drugs affect the brain.

Standard Drink Counter

The dose calculator converts the intake of alcohol into standard doses.

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